Publications Takeda World Environment Award 2001

Schmidt-Bleek receives the Takeda World Environment Award 2001

for the "Proposal, promotion and implementation of the MIPS and ecological rucksack concept".

"I developed the MIPS and ecological rucksack concept to make sure that we can produce wealth for all the people on this planet and still live in peace with nature", said Bio Schmidt-Bleek, the President of the Factor 10 Institute at Carnoules, Provence and recent winner of the Takeda World Environment Award. "Unfortunately, current economic and environmental policies will not get us to a sustainable future." he continues and explains that the major problem today is that we reward those who waste natural resources through old fashioned fiscal policies and punish those who hire people for work.

"Still", he adds "there are already today a number of forward looking companies who increase the resource productivity of their products and services. They go in this direction because they want to be still in business in 10 or 20 years in a world that simply does not have enough resources to globalize the present western life style for 8 or 10 billion people. Today, many tons of non-renewable nature are wasted just to produce a single PC". In Schmidt-Bleeks language, PC’c carry an enormous "ecological rucksack".

Schmidt-Bleek’s concept calls for considerable economic, social and technical innovation to satisfy people’s needs with much less input of natural resources than today - at least a factor 10 - for generating the same - or even better - value or utility as output. This relationship he calls MIPS - Material Input Per unit Service - and he uses it as a design principle and to measure and compare the "ecological price" of all goods, infrastructures and services.

The Takeda Foundation in Japan is a new foundation that promotes the creation and application of engineering intellect and knowledge. The monetary value for the award is 100 million Japanese yen in three fields. Schmidt-Bleek received the "Takeda World Environment Award" for the "Proposal, promotion and implementation of the MIPS and ecological rucksack concept", together with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker".